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Shanghai WeiYao environmental protection technology co., LTD. Headquarters located in all cities - Shanghai, 21 years focused on industrial washing machine, electric sweeper, research and development and production of the industrial vacuum cleaner, and provide OEM for each big fellow friends business contract, the company has won the "AAA quality service integrity unit, AAA credit management demonstration unit, AAA grade credit enterprise, AAA credit suppliers, AAA level credit enterprise, contracts and AAA grade credit enterprise, drilling through the ISO quality management system "won the gold award, the history, research and development laboratory establish production-study-research cooperation relations with east China university of science and technology, research and development for the company business class cleaning machine, sweep the floor and industrial vacuum cleaners to provide technical support for research and development and talent reserves. In order to provide users with high quality clean environmental protection equipment and related services, yao and Haier 5 star service to establish a service system, service outlets throughout 300+! And in changzhou, jiangsu, zhejiang yongkang, zhengzhou, henan to set up the exhibition hall, can provide the free trial service for customers, with products for the survival of an enterprise, customer supreme service idea, carry forward the "unity, hard work, to the user as the center, regard quality as life, by faith as the fundamental" spirit, successively services too many famous enterprises. Such as: China railway group, car in China, foxconn, hikvision, Volkswagen, general motors, world heavy industries, delixi electric, Siemens group, jiangsu hydraulic, constant current, constant current casting, Oriental pump industry, warom co, high power property, country garden property management, the carrefour, vanguard, and set up a long-term good relations of cooperation.

Core values: Integrity, innovation, service

Core of enterprise: integrity

Enterprise spirit: unity and hard work, pioneering and realistic, to meet users, scientific and technological progress.

Customers: to provide customers with high quality and maximum value of professional products and services, with sincerity and strength to win customers' understanding, respect and support.

Market: reduce procurement costs and risks for customers, and provide practical guarantee for customers' investment.

Development: pursue the goal of sustainable development, and establish it on the basis of customer satisfaction.

About "Creating Value for Partners"

The company believes that customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and other units and individuals that have cooperative relations with the company are its partners, and only through efforts to create value for partners can the company reflect its own value and achieve development and success.

About "Honesty, Tolerance, Innovation, Service"

The company believes that integrity is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the premise of solving problems, innovation is the weapon of development, service is the foundation of creating value. The company will adhere to continuous improvement, meet customer expectations, ensure quality first, explore the global market.